Sacred Medicine Integration Tips


A nice little reminder on integration....

I constantly receive messages from people who are having a difficult time integrating peak experiences. Some through the use of Kambo. Some psychedelic induced. Others through kundalini, breathwork and various modalities.

There are a few fundamental foundations that are so important to have in place when integrating

(that a lot of people don't have in place)

When new seedlings sprout and grow, they need to create solid roots before transforming into a tree. You're essentially doing the same thing - stepping into new versions of yourself that are still unfolding.

You ARE the seedling that needs to be watered and nourished, so that your foundations can develop as you continue to grow.

These are some of the fundamental pieces to have in place to support yourself during integration.

Movement practices

Keeping fit and active is fundamental, yes, but going for a walk probably isn't going to cut it. You need to get INTO your body.

Taichi, yoga, dance, functional patterns, ancestral movement, dynamic movement therapy, somatic modalities, trigger point therapy, foam rolling...

There's a bunch of stuff you could explore. Get comfortable in your body. Learn your body. Feel into your body. Get grounded in your body.

Trauma can be stored in our physical body. To help process trauma and any dysfunctional patterns that aren’t serving us, it’s crucial that we learn practices to help clear these out of our system.

Nourishing foods

If you don't know what nourishing is, stay away from processed, artificial, packaged foods for a start. Think healthy and wholesome.

Vegetables, fruits, fermented foods, good quality fats and carbs, good meat sources if you're a Meatasaurus Rex. Support your gut microbiome with probiotics and prebiotics.

Tune into your body and listen to what it wants and needs. Everyone is different. Seek guidance if you need it.


Get quality sleep! This is so important on so many levels.

Become more mindful of your natural circadian rhythm. Ditch the blue lights from screens in the evening. Use candles. Avoid over stimulation before bed. Make your room dark. Cultivate a great sleep practice like your life and health depends on it (because it does)

If you're still having trouble sleeping and you think you're external environment is dialed in, it’s worth doing some extra research and getting some further guidance.

Your stress response is probably wired in some way or another. Herbal teas to calm your system can be beneficial, as can supplements for a short period of time.


Go connect with the elements. Oceans, rivers, forests, beach, the local park, the wind, the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the animals and birds that appear at different times of the year.

Stand barefoot on the Earth. Build a fire. Learn the moon and sun cycles. Pay attention to the cycles of change.

Develop a relationship and build your connection with the very planet that nourishes you and sustains your life.


Get adequate sunshine. Especially first thing in the AM. It'll help sort out your circadian rhythm, get you into the natural flow and rhythm of the planet, and help you sleep better.

Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing and has huge implications on your system. Check out Dr Rhonda Patrick for more info on Vitamin D, and check out Dr Jack Kruse for more information on sunlight, blue-light, sleep and circadian rhythm.


There are a lot of different types of meditation. One of the most basic - cultivating awareness around your breath. Sit down for 5-15+ minutes a day and do nothing but try and develop focus towards the inflow and outflow of your breath.

You can also look into body scans, yoga nidra, mantras, gratitude meditations, affirmations, visualizations and other guided meditations.

Download the Insight Timer app on your phone. This has HUNDREDS of fantastic guided meditation practices.

Meditation can help reduce stress, bring you more into the present moment, move from the overactive mind into the feeling body, improve cognitive function, and much more.

Community support and relationships

Surround yourself with a support network who understands what you're going through.

If you're hanging with friends who are negative nancys, that's not very helpful. What you want to be involved in could include men's circles, women's circles, integration circles, workshops, mentors, coaching, therapists...

If face to face is hard to come by, online communities and resources are a good start.

All of these practices help build the foundation to help keep you grounded while you process and integrate your experiences. They all play their part in your own capacity for self healing, self care and self love.

Self care and self love are SO important.

You can get super deep into these practices. I haven’t even scratched the surface here, I've just provided a reference point; a reminder, for those who have forgotten some of the basics.

Creative practices such as journaling, art, music, and poetry - both verbal and non-verbal- can be powerful ways to help integrate.

Keep nourishing your environment for continued growth and change. Figure out your values. Dr John Demartini has a Value Determination test online that can help.

On top of that, frameworks and tools to help process and shed mental limitations and emotional challenges can be utilised.

I created an online training program that provides tools, tips, skills and techniques to help you during the preparation, exploration and integration stages.

You can check that out HERE.

Take small actionable steps each day to put these skills into practice and to keep cultivating the ones that you know are beneficial for you. If you can put these puzzle pieces in place BEFORE working with sacred medicines, even better.

May you all have beautiful journeys, smooth integration and profound transformation!


Chris Kelly