Musings On My Relationship With Kambo


There are many reasons why people come to use sacred teacher medicines.

  • Sickness

  • Chronic illness

  • Anxiety, depression, PTSD

  • Emotional and energetic blockages

  • Childhood and sexual traumas

  • Dysfunctional beliefs and unhealthy mental patterns

  • Self discovery and spiritual growth

  • Health, wellness and vitality

  • Alignment to heart consciousness, spirit, intuition and our wisdom within…

There's an importance to having clarity surrounding your reasons for sitting in sacred meditation. Your reasons; your intentions, act as a compass, directing you to your North Star; where to place attention moving forward on your life path.

When sitting with Kambo, Huachuma, Ayahuasca or any other sacred medicine, they present opportunities. Some may offer profound teachings and become powerful life long allies. Others may present more subtle lessons.

The teachings are always there though, and if we drop our expectations about having our intentions met, we open ourselves up to receive the glimmers of insight or the healing that is filtering through.

Sometimes they reveal and heal life-long trauma.

Other times, they might gift us the subtle and simple, yet profound and powerful wisdom, to take more time to rest, or to spend more time sitting around a fire, or to listen to the birds more.

Maybe it's the opportunity to find greater stillness in discomfort, or to recognize how much we avoid discomfort, or being able to tap into deeper levels of our strength and courage within, or the way we choose to show up for ourselves in the name of self-care and self-love.

My relationship with Kambo as a medicine, and Kambo as a spirit teacher, alongside some of the other medicines I primarily work with (such as the great ancestral cactus medicine Huachuma) continually blossom and offer new vistas of learning.

Kambo has played a very potent role in teaching me about rest, health and healing.

It (and I use the word "it" not to objectify, as in, see Kambo as an exploitable inanimate resource, but because I don't associate Kambo as having predominantly a male or female spirit essence) helped illuminate that I had heavy metal toxicity.

It has allowed me to shift my relationship to discomfort, pain and fear.

It has taught me more about stoicism vs expressing my emotions openly.

It's allowed me the possibility to cultivate the wisdom to work with energy from the seen and the unseen realms of reality.

It's gifted beautiful people coming into my life.

It's allowed beautiful opportunities to create spaces for community to come and experience the magic and mystery of this medicine too...

Plus much more.

The gifts are sometimes subtle, but the gifts are always there. Anytime you work with these healing teacher medicines and you feel like you didn't get much, if anything, out of it, I'd suggest that there are deeper levels of opening, perceiving and receiving for you to explore.

I have infinite gratitude for these sacred teachers, healers and revealers for bringing all of their subtle and profound gifts into the life of myself and others in my community.

If you're keen to come and do some further exploring yourself, I have a couple of ceremonies coming up over the next month or two. They MAY be some of the last offerings on this little slice of Earth we currently live at. That's if Spirit unfolds in the direction of my prayers and vision to become the new renters and caretakers of much more land, somewhere in Vic.

We haven't found anything yet, but we're on the lookout.

A necessary step for the expansion of this work and these offerings. When it will all manifest is left to the great mystery, but I'm very much looking forward to the continued unfolding.

Drop me a line if you want more info on sacred ceremony.

In Winter warmth,

Chris Kelly