What Is Transmission & Why Does It Matter In Medicine Work?

Artwork: Unknown

Artwork: Unknown


When we spend time with people that have done the work, as in, done a significant amount of inner work to face their darkness and demons and to illuminate the shadows within, there’s the potential to receive a direct transmission of wisdom and higher consciousness energy from them.

While that may sound a little like spiritual-new-age talk, it’s actually pretty simple.

There’s a lot of components that make up “doing the work”. These include releasing emotional blockages, clearing trauma, shifting dysfunctional beliefs, changing unhealthy patterns and programs, aligning to health and wellness, clarifying and embodying our virtues and values, and being in tune with our heart, spirit, intuition and wisdom within. All of which could fit into the framework of connection; connection to ourselves, to others, and to the natural world around us.

While our journey of growth, healing and alignment never really ends, some people are further down the path than others. They might embody more of these traits, characteristics, virtues, or behaviors that could be perceived as coming from a place of higher consciousness, more of the time, and when they find themselves out of alignment in some way, it generally take a shorter amount of time to come back into remembrance and realignment.

If the term ‘higher consciousness’ seems nebulous to you, in this context we could imagine that the word ‘higher’ suggests a higher vantage point - like a birds eye view - able to understand things and connect from a more overarching expansive level, which would include a lightness of being, just like the air and sky that we associate as being higher up above us.

In comparison, we could think of a lower state of consciousness as actually being down low, in a much denser state of being, perhaps unable to understand, perceive things, or connect with the same expansiveness of a higher state of consciousness.

While there are many different paths of connection, naturally, people that have deepened into their own self development and spiritual evolution are likely to be radiating a certain energy, especially those that are sharing their gifts and walking their talk, which can become quite inspiring for others depending on what their aspirations and interests are, and what they consider to be their own most important virtues and values are.

This is where transmission - or in other words, an energy exchange - can become a factor of consideration when choosing your teachers, facilitators, practitioners, and generally any person who you choose to engage with.


When we engage with sacred medicines, whether by ourselves or in the company of others, it’s the plant, fungi and animal substances that we’re engaging with, that are the primary teachers. However when we’re in a medicine space facilitated by someone else, let’s not disregard the energy exchange that happens on a human to human interaction.

I’ve noticed a rising trend where many people casually overlook, or perhaps even dogmatically disregard the potential benefits that a human counterpart can offer within this person to person transmission in a sacred medicine space, under the guise of “it’s all about the plants and not about the facilitator”.

It’s evident that many people feel comfortable working with various consciousness altering modalities without the guidance from another person, and I definitely wouldn’t want to make a blanket statement saying that you necessarily NEED someone in the flesh to help guide you. The work with these medicines is one of direct connection. Once someone takes the substance, they’re going to receive a very real, experiential knowing of what it’s like to commune with the energy of that particular substance.

However let’s not ignore the importance of learning from our human teachers too.

The way in which someone creates, holds and facilitates a space could be incredibly powerful and conducive to more profound growth and connection to occur. The relationship that someone has cultivated with a particular sacred medicine or modality and the energy within that could be transmitted directly in the way they approach the work, in their rituals, ceremonies, language used, and presence embodied. The practices that someone engages in during their day to day life could add flavour and depth to the container in which the work is done, which could offer insight and wisdom for others to receive and embody.

There’s much to inherit when we choose our teachers and facilitators with thoughtful consideration, and depending on what we’re looking to foster in our own lives, the conscious choices that we make are going to differ for each person depending on where we’re at personally along our own journeys.


Looking at things from the angle of neuroscience, our human brains contain what we know as mirror neurons. In my basic language, this particular type of brain cell switches on whenever we perform an action, and whenever we witness someone else perform the same action. This plays into empathy, and being able to feel into what other people are experiencing.

Ever witnessed someone bang their knee or stub their toe and winced at the sight of it? Mirror neurons.

Ever yawned when someone else yawns? Mirror neurons.

Ever seen a particular animal move and felt the capacity for those same movements in your own body? Mirror neurons. (shout out to Simon Thakur and his Ancestral Movement wisdom which I recommend looking into)

Ever spent time with someone and felt your own energy and enthusiasm match theirs? Mirror neurons.

These same brain cells activate in our encounters with others during medicine work. So depending on what it is that we’re looking to learn and embody, we’d be wise to choose our teachers and facilitators based on these reflections.

A few contemplation points and questions could include:

  • Do you resonate with their energy?

  • Are you drawn to their message and the way they carry themselves?

  • Do they talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk with integrity?

  • Do they embody what they have to share?

  • Do they approach this work, and the world, with an energy and connection that you yourself would like to carry?


Often times these substances are the catalysts for some of the most transformative experiences of our lives, and many people are feeling called to share these experiences and sacred medicines with the rest of their community. It’s only natural. We want to share profound practices that have worked for us, in the name of helping others, and perhaps on the shadow sides of things, in the name of ego too.

With so many people stepping into the role as facilitators of sacred space, it’s becoming ever more important to make conscious decisions about who we want to work with, taking into consideration the direct transmission and energy exchange that occurs in our interactions.

If you are seeking a facilitator or practitioner for any sort of modality or medicine work…

If you feel as though someone who takes a more science based or clinical approach is what you’re after, find that person.

If you feel as though someone who takes a more spiritual and mystical approach resonates more, find that person.

If you feel as though someone who embodies a combination of being grounded in the physical world with science, in conjunction with the mystical and philosophical nature of the spiritual and energetic worlds, find that person.

Whatever the case, do some research, engage in some thoughtful consideration, and choose your community and tribe wisely.

Chris Kelly