What Are Your Gifts & What Is Your Medicine?

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

What are your gifts and what is your medicine?

This is a question I reflect upon every now and then.

A recent comment on my social media page led to some contemplation on this topic. The following flowed out as I tried to encapsulate what I was thinking…

The words ‘gift’ and ‘medicine’ simply mean something that is considered a gift to the world; something of benefit to others. These words are kind of similar to talents, or contributions, but in this context the words gift and medicine signify something much deeper and much more meaningful to yourself, whilst also being meaningful to others.

The framework in which I think about it is a combination of hedonism and altruism. The word hedonism can carry a little bit of stigma around it, but essentially what it’s referencing is something that’s pleasurable. Altruism meaning for the good of others.

So when we’re thinking about and feeling into what our gifts and our medicine are, we’re really reflecting upon what lights us up on the inside; what we find deeply meaningful and pleasurable, whilst being in service and putting something out there in the world that is beneficial and meaningful for others and our planet.

I say thinking about AND feeling into, because I believe this is a concern for not only the mind, but also for the heart and soul.

We must be able to enter contemplation and reflection with our thinking mind, whilst also quieting this part of ourselves and moving from the head, down into the heart, tapping into the energy of our emotions, feelings and intuition.

Some people strongly embody their gifts and medicine. They exude inspiration and seem to be aligned to a mission so strong, a calling so deeply aligned to their values, heart and spirit, that nothing but perhaps death itself could stop them.

Some know what their gifts and medicine are, but don’t do much about it. While others have no clue at all.

We all have gifts and medicine to share with the world. Actually, we ourselves are a gift to the world. It’s just not recognisable for a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

Fear, laziness, complacency, stagnation, ignorance, conditioning.

If someone has been conditioned by family, friends, media, authorities, culture, society, and essentially told what to think, what to do, how to feel, and how to be in all areas of their life, it’s very clear that they’re not empowered.

If you’re not empowering yourself in all areas of life, someone else will overpower these areas of your life, which means that you’re living life according to someone else’s value systems rather than your own.

Values are what’s considered most important to us; what’s most meaningful to us; what’s most sacred to us. Both on a doing level - the things we like doing, and on a feeling level - what we want to feel in life.

Not knowing one’s values, or knowing them and not demonstrating them through behaviours on a daily basis, is another cause for dis-embodiment of our gifts.

It’s so super important to become more in-tune with what our values are, while making sure our daily actions are aligned to and reflect what we find most valuable.

When we know our values and what’s most important to us, and we’re taking the steps to live them, a clarity is revealed where our gifts and medicine can more easily shine through - without being weighed down by all the ‘negative’ energies taking up our time and space.

Sacred medicines like Kambo, Rapeh, Sananga, Ayahuasca, Huachuma and others, all have the capacity to help us clear out and release things that are holding us back, such as all the dense, dark, heavy energies that we carry around - which some Amazonian people know as “panema”.

That’s part of why these traditional healing modalities can be so powerful. They can strip away the stuff that isn’t serving our higher selves, so that we can continue stepping into more of our power. More of our gifts and medicine, so that we can uplift and inspire others. These limiting things could be physical illnesses, emotional blockages, dysfunctional beliefs, energetic imbalances, or spiritual disconnection.

I might add to an old proverb that states that “there are many paths up the side of the mountain, but the view from the top is all the same”. While we could philosophize that the view from the top is in fact not all the same, because our individual perception of the same thing can vary greatly from person to person, the point I want to make here is that there are just some paths that some people aren’t suited to take.

Contraindications and cautions should be taken seriously.

For those who do feel called to take this path, it’s equally important to work in conjunction with these sacred tools and allies. And this work is primarily done in the stages after the experience itself, which is known as integration. As powerful as these sacred medicines can be, they certainly don’t do all the work for us.

When we’re integrating the insights, lessons, teachings, challenges and wisdom - and yes, there’s generally always something useful to derive from these experiences, if we’re open to perceiving them - we have to make sure we’re actually doing the work to align to deeper levels of health, wellness, virtues, values, heart and spirit.

Integration incorporates placing the magnifying glass of illumination on the shadows and darkness within, seeing what fears lay beneath the surface, seeing where we’re being lazy, where we’re being complacent, where we’re doing a disservice to our higher selves which includes our highest values, gifts and medicine.

To know our gifts and our medicine is a gift in itself. A gift to ourselves first and foremost. Not everyone really truly knows themselves on a deep level. It takes courage and commitment, amongst many other things. So to know ourselves is medicine for our heart and soul.

To share our gifts and our medicine once we know them, is not necessarily easy though. There are many challenges on the path of stepping deeper into our truth. And self expression and sharing takes vulnerability. Many equate vulnerability with weakness, when in actuality, vulnerability can become one of our greatest strengths.

To conclude all that I’ve shared above, I’ll leave those that have read this far with a point of reflection to explore.

I invite you to take a tiny portion of your day, just a minute or two, to sit in silence and stillness, and really let this question sink in…

What are your gifts and your medicine to the world?

Chris Kelly