Prior to confirming your space in ceremony, it's super important to thoroughly read through the following details and agreements.

By confirming your space in ceremony, it's understood that you've read the important information below, and you're acknowledging and honouring the ceremonial agreements.

Deep thanks and appreciation for your respect towards this work.

  • Please ensure you've read the agreements, contraindications, cautions, preparation protocols and what to bring details, which can all be found below.

  • When making contact, please confirm that you've thoroughly read all the appropriate details mentioned here.

  • It's important to disclose any historical or current health issues, and any medications you're currently taking. All health and medical information shared is confidential.

  • If you wish to contact me with questions not answered here, or in regards to ceremony, please use the contact button at the end of this page.


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While Kambo is safe when responsibly administered by an experienced practitioner, there are a number of people with contraindications that aren't suited to safely work with Kambo.

These include:

  • People who are under 18 years of age.

  • People who have serious heart problems.

  • People who have had a stroke.

  • People who are taking medication for low blood pressure.

  • People who have had a brain haemorrhage.

  • People who have aneurysms or blood clots.

  • People who lack the mental capacity to make their own decision to take Kambo.

  • People who have serious mental health problems (excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety)

  • People who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  • People who are taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant.

  • People with Addison's disease.

  • People with current and severe epilepsy.

  • People who are recovering from a major surgical procedure.

  • Women who are pregnant or suspect they may be so.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding babies under the age of 6 months old.

  • People who have worked with Bufo Alvarius (toad medicine) in the last 6-8 weeks prior to Kambo.

This is not a complete comprehensive list. If you have any concerns or serious health issues, it’s important to disclose these prior to treatment to ensure that Kambo is safe for you to work with. 

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Caution is required in the following cases.

It's important to disclose any of these prior to treatment:

  • People taking slimming, serotonin and/or sleeping supplements.

  • People taking immune-suppressants for auto-immune disorders.

  • People with active drug or alcohol addictions.

  • People who have been fasting/water-fasting for 7 days before Kambo.

  • People who have had enemas, colonics, liver flushes or any water-based detox 3 days before taking Kambo.

  • If you're taking or have recently stopped taking any medications.

  • If you're taking or have recently stopped taking any diet/slimming pills.

  • If you're regularly taking anti-diuretic medication or sports drinks.

  • If you have ever been, or are currently bulimic or anorexic.

  • If you're epileptic.

  • If you have abnormally high or low blood pressure.

  • If you have liver or kidney problems.

  • If you have any chronic or serious health issues.

  • If you have diabetes.

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While there are certain things to avoid and practical aspects to adhere to in the time leading up to ceremony, there are also things to reflect upon and contemplate...

  • What are your intentions for coming to sit in sacred ceremony?

  • What are you wanting to release from your life?

  • What are you wanting to bring in to your life?

  • Do your reasons relate to the physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual states of being?

Regarding the more practical aspects:

  • Do not attempt any sort of water or dry fast 7 days before/after Kambo.

  • Do not begin any colonics, enemas, water based detox, liver flushes, or sweat lodge 3 days before/after Kambo.

  • Do not take recreational drugs or drink alcohol 48 hours before/after Kambo.

  • Do not eat any food 8-12 hours before Kambo. It's important to fast for this length of time immediately prior to a Kambo treatment.

  • Try to make little to no plans for the remainder of your day after your treatment. You may need to rest and recuperate.

  • Remove tight, restrictive jewelry prior to your Kambo treatment, due to the potential swelling of body parts.

  • Do not drink coffee on the morning of your treatment.

  • You may drink tea up to 2 hours prior to your treatment, however do not add honey to your tea.

  • Do not drink large amounts of fluid on the morning of your Kambo treatment.

  • Please keep in mind that these strict guidelines around water consumption are to keep you safe from extreme electrolyte imbalance, potentially leading to hyponatremia: dangerously low sodium levels.

Some other ceremonial details to honour and respect:


  • Please place your phones on airplane mode or turn them off before entering sacred space.

  • Please remain in the space from the opening of ceremony until the closing of ceremony. Plan accordingly in terms of parking, phone calls, other distractions etc.

  • Please respect myself, other participants, and the flow of sacred ceremony by arriving at the appointed time. Once I open ceremony, I create an energetic container where we all enter sacred space together.

  • Please understand that extreme late-comers won't be permitted to enter the circle. If you're going to be a few minutes late, please send a courtesy message to let me know.

  • Please respect all items on my mesa / altar by not picking them up or touching them, unless you've asked for permission.

  • There are never any guarantees when working with Eastern, Western, shamanic, alternative, herbal or other medicines when it comes to the healing benefits or outcomes they may bring. By making the empowered choice to enter ceremony, it's understood that you take full responsibility for your health and the outcomes that follow.

If you are unsure about any of the preparation protocols, or have questions or concerns, please get in touch and ask prior to ceremony.

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There's not a whole lot you need to bring to ceremony, but what you do need is pretty important. 

Unless otherwise advised, please remember to bring the following for comfort and practicality:

  • Loose, comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

  • 2.5L of regular drinking water at room-temperature.

  • Something to tie up long hair.

  • People with asthma should bring their inhaler with them (as a precautionary measure).

  • Bring a pen and notebook if you wish.

  • You're welcome to bring a crystal, stone or meaningful item to accompany you during ceremony.

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To fully confirm your place and secure a spot in ceremony, full deposit is to be made, alongside a receipt or screenshot of payment to track your deposit details.  

Contribution costs will be provided upon inquiry, as they differ depending on space, location and situation.

In appreciation and honour of the medicine, your commitment to attending, and everything that flows within and around the organisation of sacred ceremony, the amount paid is non-refundable within ten days of ceremony.

This can however be transferred to a future ceremony date if a minimum of three days cancellation notice is given. This will allow the opportunity for anyone on the waiting list to fill your spot. Future ceremony date must be used within three months of original date.

Once your place in ceremony has initially been approved, details for full payment will be sent.

To make things more affordable and accessible in the long run, discounted rates are available for those who book three sessions upfront. Please reach out if this is something you might be interested in.

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Community is kept up to date with men's only, women's only, and mixed ceremonies via our private facebook group, alongside the occasional newsletter sent out via my mailing list below.

Please request to join the following page if you'd like to keep in touch - Kambo Path / Medicine Path

Currently I reside in Victoria, Australia. I occasionally travel up the East Coast of Australia and elsewhere facilitating sacred space and holding ceremony.

Some people prefer to sit in ceremony in the comfort of their own space, either as a 1-on-1 treatment, or with a small group of friends. Community have hosted me in all kinds of spaces, such as yoga studios, lounge rooms, backyards, hotel rooms, warehouse spaces, outdoors in nature etc. There's a few requirements that make a place suitable, which include:

  • Easy bathroom access

  • Relatively quiet

  • Clean and tidy

  • Appropriate space

  • No disruption from others who are not participating in ceremony

  • No pets

  • Adequate parking space

The contribution cost differs depending on public ceremonies, private ceremonies, location and number of people attending.

If you'd like to discuss options for ceremony, either for yourself or multiple people, please send me a message using the button below. 

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