For the past 8 years I've been exploring the path of healing and transformation with a multi-dimensional approach to both traditional and contemporary practices.

As a sacred space facilitator, IAKP Kambo practitioner, musician, and modern day medicine man, I've been deepening my work over the past few years by spending time with elders, wisdom keepers and maestros both in Australia and South America.

With a background spanning Buddhism, biohacking, transrational structural behavioural therapy, addiction recovery & psychospiritual transformation coaching, and even as a musician in touring bands, I’ve immersed myself in many modalities and topics ranging from psychology, philosophy, conscious parenting, sexuality, health, nutrition, men’s work, various movement practices, and of course the healing power of nature’s spirit medicines.

This path of working with sacred medicines is a path of connection: 

Connection with ourselves, connection with community, connection with the natural world around us, and ultimately deepening our alignment to our health, wellness, virtues, values, heart, spirit and wisdom within.

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If you have any questions about attending or organizing sacred ceremony with these medicines, please use the form below.

Currently I reside in Victoria, Australia. I occasionally travel up the East Coast of Australia and elsewhere facilitating sacred space and holding ceremony.

Before sending any queries, please ensure you've read the contraindications, cautions, and agreements to confirm these medicines are safe for you to work with, as well as disclosing any current or historical health issues and medications you're currently taking.

All information shared is private and confidential.

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