Kambo has been a profoundly powerful ally on my path over the years.

After serving this medicine to a wide demographic of people, from the young to the old, to the healthy and the sick; I’ve witnessed deep healing and transformative potential across all levels of being:

The physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Instead of taking my word for it though…

Here's what others have to share about sitting in sacred ceremony.


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Kate Allan
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Chris has played an integral part in my healing journey with plant medicine.

Having sat with numerous Shamans both in Ecuador, Byron Bay and Melbourne, Chris’s genuine love and care that come from his core always feel like I’m coming home.

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with Kambo and Chris has held the most comforting container to surrender and allow all to be. His ceremonies are so special.

Walking away I always reflect and genuinely feel like the work I set out to do, has been done.

Having being through a very recent traumatic plant medicine experience abroad, Chris was my rock and formed many a foundation and instilled such a caring confidence into my integration.
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Marissa Jane Downes
Healer, Coach, Guide at Sacred Soul Alchemy

Wow! Intense and super confronting.

The clarity, healing and awareness that has come through these last few days has been PROFOUND. On a physical, mental and spiritual level!

I’ve been called to plant and ancient medicines for some time and feel so, so grateful that I came across Chris to guide me into this path.

I’m feeling humbled, grounded, super conscious, connected, CLEAR and very certain about myself and my path and what I am here to do.

If Kambo is calling, this here is your man. A true, modern day Shaman doing work that has chosen him to the highest degree. Looking forward to the next journey x
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Asher Packman
Founder and creator of The Fifth Direction

Having seen Chris work his magic on multiple occasions now, I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Given my own practice, I understand the importance of holding sacred space for a group and Chris has a profound ability in this regard.

He has the wisdom, as well as an incredible respect for the energy, the process, the participants and the medicine.

You will feel that you are in safe and capable hands at all times – even through those more challenging moments.
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Brook River

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you from every depth of my being for the ceremony that I had with Chris, who held space for me and four of my beautiful girlfriends.

To have our space held by such a beautiful man, helped us each transcend our trust into the masculine to another level. For myself, I was able to surrender into my femme flow more than ever before.

Not only did Chris support me through my journey, but he held my hand and looked deep into my soul in moments of extreme pain. Being seen in these moments helped me to surrender even more.

When I thought that I could go no deeper, Chris guided me and helped me understand the intertwining process between nature and softening into my femme.

This day in society, and for a long time women have been taught that life is a series of pushing harder and exerting much energy. This ceremony Chris taught me that this is actually a conditioned way of being.

Re-patterning my neuronal pathways to understand that softening into the process, actually helped to achieve deeper results.

I will forever be grateful for this lesson in which Chris helped me to realize, along with what it feels like to be supported and truly seen by a beautiful man in a time of deep pain.
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Ellie Fielke

Chris holds such a nurturing space through his ceremonies, full of integrity, support and love. His ceremonies are very traditional, as he works with the medicine with such deep reverence and respect. I feel incredibly safe every time I sit in ceremony with Chris, trusting in his awareness, knowledge and kind-hearted nature.

He also gives everyone the time and space they need to drop in and go deeper with the medicine. The profound changes from working with this special medicine are life-changing, and these shifts are allowed in at an even deeper level due to the energy Chris brings to his work, allowing for a deeper surrender and connection to the medicine.

For me, not only does kambo have amazing physical aspects of detoxification and strengthening of the immune system, but it allows such an energetic and emotional clearing at deeper levels. I feel the most beautiful part of the process is the heart opening it brings, allowing in such stillness and peace.

I highly recommend Chris due to his beautiful nature, deep integrity and commitment to being of service.
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Rachel Harris
Executive Assistant / Event Agency

I woke up the morning after ceremony feeling amazing, and I’m STILL feeling amazing weeks later!

Mentally, I’ve seen a dramatic shift, feeling motivated and inspired instead of held back by self doubt and fear.

Physically, I feel less tight and tense. My body seems lighter, as though I released stale energy and fear.

My dreams have even changed, from uncomfortable and stressful to positive and enjoyable! The world needs amazing healers like yourself, who hold space with such integrity and respect.

Thank you again Chris for doing what you do.
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Adriana Grosso
Graphic Designer

I’ve noticed such a major shift withing myself this past week.

My train of thought has been so loving and positive, which I’ve never experienced before.

My physical body feels so amazing, and I have so much energy, which is something that I’ve always lacked.

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to experience ceremony. It was so easy to feel safe and comfortable with you.

I can’t express how much joy I feel in my heart and soul. From the bottom of my heart thank you again.
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Peter Williams
Hypnotherapist / Health Coach at Prime Wellness

I’ve had an autoimmune disease - inflammatory arthritis, which I’ve improved a lot with natural medicine, but since Kambo it’s improved even more.

During ceremony, I felt it go straight to my intestines, and then I had a release. My digestion has been improving a lot throughout my journey, but since Kambo, my digestion has become so much better.

It terms of my emotions and clarity, it’s really helped to propel me forward and allow me to do some things I couldn’t do before.

I’d never met Chris before, but I felt so safe during the process with the way he held such a relaxing, calming, respectful space, honouring each and every person there.

I can’t shout his praises enough. I feel like writing or using words doesn’t do Chris justice, I was honestly blown away.
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Lachlan Harkness
Education Support Staff in Disability

Chris, I wanted to say how grateful I am for you just being yourself.

Your presence allowed me to feel safe in a way I haven’t felt with other facilitators before.

I was able to access a strength I didn’t know was there.

A lot of that was due to your ability to see me as I am and hold such a strong space.

The ceremony really allowed me to change in a very profound way and I wanted to properly express my gratitude to you.
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Lee Baron
Retail Professional

I have had the privilege of sitting with Chris on two occasions.

Beautifully conducted ceremonies with the utmost care and control, bringing a wealth of knowledge from different traditions from many parts of the world.

First class ceremonies in every way.

After 6 months since my last kambo ceremony, for the first time in years I haven’t had any asthma. I usually need my puffer daily, so this is a great result.

I’m feeling a beautiful sense of calm and stillness after an initial couple of days of emotional sensitivity.

Truly a fantastic medicine.
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Athina Bailey Kambo

Athina Bailey
Kinesiologist / Clairvoyant Psychic

Hey Chris! Just wanted to reach out and thank you for today. I loved your vibe and really resonated with the way you held space.

The rapé journey was incredible.

It really brought me back into my body like nothing else has, not to mention all the downloads I got.

Thank you so much!
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Nathan Wecklser

My pre-Kambo anxiety vanished once I met Chris and entered the beautiful space he’d created.

Chris creates a sacred ceremony full of humility, connection and healing, tuning into exactly what each participant requires and meeting them where they’re at.

Post-Kambo I saw some major improvements in my overall health, vitality, and vision; shedding a lot of stuff I’d been holding onto for a very long time.

Kambo is such a powerful medicine, it never ceases to amaze me what unfolds after ceremony with the frog spirit!
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Mick Holton
Cabinet Maker

Big shout out to my frog doctor.

We have Pachamama to thank for this wonderful medicine but I’d like to thank Chris for spreading it throughout Australia.

You’re super professional, uplifting and caring. An amazing personal experience.

After two weeks of bad mental health and constant suicidal thoughts, I’m back after this mornings session, it was bliss.

You mightn’t realize, but you’re actually saving people’s lives.

Thankyou Chris.
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Kim Bleeze
Spiritual Teacher @ kimbleeze.com

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to reach out and express my overwhelming gratitude for yesterday’s ceremony.

It was perfect and you hold such a magical space. Your eyes shift things in people. It’s a gift.

The frog certainly knew what it was doing when it called you to service.

I got exactly what I needed and can’t wait to sit again.

Thank you x
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Kieran Sattler

Since Kambo, I’ve been in a much better state of mind than I have been for a long time, feeling better spirited, more optimistic and confident in myself as a person.

I’ve been able to let go of some deep anger and sadness that had no purpose and had brought me down for far too long!

I also get bad bronchitis and asthma and haven’t been able to take a full deep breath without some sort of phlegm catching for nearly two years, constantly waking me at night.

After Kambo, I haven’t woken once during the night, and I’m able to run without constantly coughing!

Chris, I can’t thank you enough!
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Angelique Fricke

I knew Chris would make me feel safe and hold space for whatever would arise for me during ceremony, so I decided to fly down from NSW and my intuition told me I would need 3 ceremonies.

My intentions were for physical healing but I got a lot more than that. Kambo has shown me what a powerful medicine it is for body, mind and soul.

Chris has a big open heart and radiates such warmth.

I feel so much gratitude for Kambo and it’s healing powers.

And to Chris for taking on this path and offering the medicine to me and holding such beautiful space!
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Carl Robinson

Hey Chris!

I just wanted to touch base and send you gratitude and appreciation brother. The gift of Kambo has caused a shift within my experience that I could not have possibly conceived of.

My world has been shaken up so dramatically in the best way imaginable. Thank you for your energy in facilitating our experience. I would love to sit with you again at some stage in the future.

The ride has been wild. Much love brother.
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I found it super confrontational and I was way out of my comfort zone but I stuck with it even when I wanted to run and hide.

Cant believe I’m gonna say this but I’d do it again.

It helped my pain for a few days, but a few days is amazing as I’ve had chronic pain for 19 years.

It cleared a lot for me, it definitely opened doors. It’s worth doing.

Thank you Chris for being patient with me. I’m very reserved. It did force me to go WAAAAY out of my comfort zone.
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Laura Walsh
Founder at Spiritual Reconnection

I first had Kambo 10 months ago and I can honestly say that it has changed my life.

I have suffered from depression my whole life and have been on a 25 year healing journey. Kambo was the medicine that changed my brain. The past 10 months I have not had one day of depression and I am really enjoying my new life.

I recently returned to Melbourne and was lucky to find Chris. I recently did a Kambo session in Chris’s amazing Teepee. He’s an amazing practitioner and held space in such a gentle yet commanding way.

Everything about the day was just beautiful and I will definitely be going back to Chris if Kambo calls me again and have already recommended him to friends. He not only has the knowledge but he walks the path.
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